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Boston's lively arts

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This city is a tapestry of artistic endeavor, with its warp and woof being the fine and performing arts. Among its music groups, its museums, and its theaters is the occasional thread of gold that makes the whole weave sparkle.

For Boston and its environs have a rich history of arts. Even Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, which were preceded by the Hasty Pudding Club, in effect go back to 1975. In the years since, the student theater group has proved the foundation for careers of many a star or character actor. Its commercial theaters bring in shows prior to Broadway, and sometimes on post-Broadway tours. The city sees most of the biggest attractions the theater world offers.

Boston's music scene attracts the world's greatest players, singers, and conductors; the city's museums and galleries pull in international art shows and the world's best-known artists; and its moviehouses offer the newest, the biggest, the best -- and sometimes the worst -- films put out by Hollywood or New York, as well as imports from abroad.

Movies: Boston's Sack chain of moviehouses is one of the country's best-known. Originated by Benjamin Sack (whence its name), it is now run by A. Alan Friedberg who continues the tradition of bringing to Boston the newest pictures available. There are 15 houses within the city bearing the Sack name, plus a number of the suburban perimeter.

And the Sack chain does not exhaust the possibilities. The Exeter, known for decades as an independent theater that often screens movies from abroad, continues its tradition in its castle-like building now under new management. Freshly air-conditioned and with new seating to bring it into line with today's more luxurious houses, it offers such pictures as the currently popular, gentle comedy, "Robert et Robert."


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