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Making decisions

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Decisions. What predicaments they sometimes present! How in the world can we decide correctly what to do? There is a sure way: turn to God for guidance. If God is infinitely wise and good (and He is), His law is certainly able to hold our lives in harmony.

Before seeking God's direction in any situation, it is wise to reinforce our understanding of Him; to see more clearly that He is omniscient Mind, the source of all intelligence, the sole cause and true creator, the controller of all. Because God is good, His control is good. Under that control there can be no mistakes, no erroneous judgments, no improper or untimely actions. Man -- the true identity of each one of us -- is made in His spiritual and immortal image and expresses His unerring intelligence.

As we understand God's infallible care of His own, of His eternal idea, we can confidently expect guidance in every instance. We won't have to be afraid. We will humbly trust God's law of harmony to reveal the correct action we should take.

In seeking direction, we need to be careful about listening to opinions. Sometimes opinions lack appreciation of our particular situation, or are prejudiced and may not be helpful at all. It is often better to postpone such seeking until we have established more firmly our certainty that God's wisdom is at hand to guide us. Then if opinions still seem desirable, we can weigh them with greater surety.

On occasion we may try to make a decision by considering all the pluses and minuses involved in the situation, hoping this will provide the needed leading. While such an approach may be helpful, it may also introduce reasoning that is unenlightened by divine direction, and that leads to wrong conclusions. We may do well to delay plus and minus considerations until we have drawn closer to God and His guiding vision.


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