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The perfect concept heals

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When I was a boy, a favorite taunt between pals was, ''When God made ya, He left out the brains!'' Usually the remark was made in fun. But serious attitudes underlie most popular sayings, and I got to thinking recently that our barb was no exception.

Nearly everyone believes he is deficient in some respect, perhaps in poise or in health, in intelligence or beauty. Such a viewpoint implies a flawed creator , an insufficient Principle of being. Yet the Bible teaches that God is the perfect creator of the universe-that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent-and that man is His offspring. Christ Jesus' words bear this out: ''Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.'' 1

Christian Science, in accord with the Bible, teaches that perfection is the real status of man, though we need to prove this, by degrees, through following Jesus' teachings and example. Man is spiritual, immortal. He eternally expresses intelligence and fruitfulness and is created in the likeness of his Maker. Writing of man's true origin, Mary Baker Eddy2 states, ''We learn in the Scriptures, as in divine Science, that God made all; that He is the universal Father and Mother of man; that God is divine Love: therefore divine Love is the divine Principle of the divine idea named man; in other words, the spiritual Principle of spiritual man.'' 3

The mortal, sensual view of man, then, is false, the erroneous product of material- mindedness, not of the one infinitely good divine Mind, God, which is our actual Mind and the only genuine source of truth. The material senses cannot reveal truth, cannot reveal perfect God and perfect man. Yet spiritual sense, awakened through prayer and through the living of Jesus' teachings, can discern good, God. By cultivating our spiritual sense and realizing the truth of being, we can reverse the physical senses' false reports. The coming to light of everyone's true selfhood is inevitable. ''This corruptible must put on incorruption,'' the Bible proclaims, ''and this mortal must put on immortality.'' 4


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