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A healing song

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The weekend visit with friends was fine in every way, until the last morning when I became immobilized by pain in my back and stomach. I retreated to a bedroom and prayerfully sought God's help. I had learned many years earlier, through studying and practicing Christian Science, that pain is not something to be endured; it's something to be healed.

So I endeavored to glimpse the spiritual fact that God is all-loving and the only genuine creator; that as His loved creation, His spiritual, indestructible likeness, I could not suffer. But my freedom seemed far-off. My wife proposed to drive us home - some two hours away - while I continued praying.

After a few miles the thought came to me, ''Why don't you sing?'' I quickly retorted, ''I don't feel like singing.'' But the thought came again, so I took a copy of the Christian Science Hymnal from our car's glove compartment. The first hymn I opened to included this refrain, I need Thee, O, I need Thee; Every hour I need Thee; O bless me now, my Saviour, I come to Thee. n1 I found my heart growing hopeful and my voice growing stronger.

n1 Hymnal, No. 137.

I turned to another hymn: ''Here, O God, Thy healing presence/Lifts our thoughts from self and sin . . . .'' n2 I was particularly taken with the word ''Here'' in this verse. I agreed that right in our car God's healing love was a present, freeing force. I didn't need to wait until we arrived home in order to find comfort.

n2 Ibid., No. 109.

I sang for what must have been thirty minutes or more. With each hymn my gratitude to God heightened. Joy, confidence, and peace filled my heart. Soon I was healed. The disability could not remain in the presence of my joyful acknowledging of God's uninterrupted love for His creation.


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