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The light of infinite good

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As a child in school I was much impressed by the old story in a school reader about the sun. According to the story, one day the sun heard a great commotion on earth and came down to see what it was all about. He was told by the animals that one of them had found a very dark cave. When the sun asked what dark is, they said he only needed to look in the cave and he would find out. But of course as soon as the sun looked in, the cave became as light as day.

From brief periods of attendance at a Christian Science Sunday School I had learned that God is wholly good. Later I came to see more clearly that this truth rules evil out altogether, for God is the only authentic creator. God, divine Love, could not create man subject to evil - to sin, sickness, poverty, failure, or fear. When through prayer and childlike trust in God we begin to awake from these dark dreams (and that's precisely what they are), we can find peace and healing in the light of infinite good.

To sophisticated, worldly thinking this may seem puzzling, and the question may arise, If God is infinite good, how did evil get started? Christ Jesus proved by curing all kinds of evils that, in truth, it didn't. If God had created these evils or permitted them to exist, the Master could not have annulled them.

We can learn to annul them, too. As we begin to understand evil's unreality in God's sight, questions about its origin grow fewer. We come to see that there really is no evil to question about - only the supposition of a power opposed to God, infinite good. Our faith in good and our understanding of its supremacy enable us to prove our God-given dominion over evil, whatever its manifestation.


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