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Classic example of playing for a draw

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The 11th and final game of the semifinal World Championship Candidates' match between Vassily Smyslov of the Soviet Union and Zoltan Ribli of Hungary ended in a draw. This gave Smyslov a 6 1/2-4 1/2 victory and the right to meet his countryman Gari Kasparov in the final elimination to determine who will challenge World Champion Anatoly Karpov, also of the Soviet Union, in a title match late next summer. Earlier, Kasparov had eliminated Soviet defector Victor Korchnoi by a 7-4 margin.

The Kasparov-Smyslov match, which is set to start March 9 in Vilnius, Soviet Lithuania, will feature a traditional battle of youth vs. experience. Never in such a critical match, to my knowledge, has there been such a discrepancy in the ages of the participants. Muscovite Smyslov is 62 years old, while Kasparov (who comes from Baku in the Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan) is 20.

In today's game Smyslov, a former world titlist, gives a model demonstration on how to play for the draw. Besides avoiding organic weaknesses and unnecessary complications, he maintains active piece play and looks in particular to the safety of the King.

Smyslov Ribli 1. P-Q4 N-KB3 2. N-KB3 P-K3 3. P-B4 P-QN3 4. N-B3 B-N5 5. B-Q2 (a) P-B4 6. P-QR3 BxN 7. BxB (b) B-N2 8. P-K3 O-O 9. B-Q3 P-Q3 10. O-O QN-Q2 11. Q-K2 R-B1 12. KR-Q1 PxP 13. PxP R-K1 14. QR-B1 Q-B2 15. P-QN3 P-QR4 16. P-R3 P-R3 17. B-N2 Q-N1 18. Q-K3 B-B3 19. P-QR4 QR-Q1 20. B-R3 B-N2 21. B-N1 N-B1 22. N-R2 N(1)-R2 23. Q-N3 N-K5 24. Q-K3 P-B4 (c) 25. P-B3 N(5)-B3 26. P-Q5 (d) B-B1 27. PxP BxP 28. Q-Q3 P-Q4 29. P-B5 PxP 30. RxP N-N4 31. N-B1 (e) Q-Q3 32. P-QN4 N-Q2 33. R-N5 (f) N-K4 34. PxP (g) Q-Q2 35. Q-K2 B-B2 36. Q-KB2 P-Q5 37. P-B4 N-K5 38. BxN N-N5 (h) 39. Draw


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