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I was a model child

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SOME careers peak early in life, others come to maturity in later years. My career peaked when I was three years old. When something like this happens it tends to create a dilemma as to what to do with the anticlimactic years thereafter. Everyone keeps expecting you to achieve something, not realizing you have already been at the top. What happened in my case was being discovered in a Chicago grocery store at an early age by a talent scout from an ad agency. It was nothing remarkable that I did, I was just standing there with my mother. Apparently the ad man saw in me the ideal child who, by eating cornflakes for breakfast the rest of his life, would reach a pinnacle of success, such as president of the United States or third baseman for the Chicago Cubs. As it happened I didn't achieve either of these goals. I am - or was - a cornflakes eater who didn't make it.

My wife was unaware of my early fame through much of our married life. It all came to light many years ago while we were visiting Ardie (my mother was always known as Ardie) during the Christmas holidays.

Maxine, my wife (who is known in the family as Lids), is of a curious but enterprising nature and was going through boxes of old photos in a closet under the stairs. Near the bottom she came across a full page ad from a magazine, showing a young child in pajamas clinging to a slightly older, pretty little girl in a nightgown. The girl was carrying a box of cornflakes and a lighted candle. Obviously the two were going bedward.

Puzzled, Lids went to the kitchen where Ardie was placing a pot roast on a platter ringed with spaghetti. It sounds terrible, but it was a favorite and tasty dish at Ardie's house.

``Ardie,'' said Lids, presenting the page from the magazine, ``What in the world is this?''

Ardie, spooning juice from the pot roast over the spaghetti, tilted back her head so she could better see the picture through bifocals. ``Oh, that. That is Guernsey when he was about three years old. He was a model in advertising. He did a series of pictures for cornflakes. He was in magazines from coast to coast. I suppose that's the only picture left.''


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