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Building Bridges

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I AM glad to say there was never a generation gap between my parents and me. We had some differences in outlook, but the lines of communication were always open. It happened that neither of my parents attended college, but they were eager for me to have that opportunity. When I went to college, and stayed on to do some graduate work, we never felt uncomfortable with one another. There was always a bridge of love and mutual appreciation. Later I went to work for a newspaper. Much of my work involved making the theories and opinions of experts understandable to the average reader. Again, bridge building. This time, bridges of understanding.

You might say that one way of looking at life is as a series of opportunities to build bridges. Differences of race, religion, gender, economic status, nationality, need not pose barriers in our relations with our fellow men and women. We can be bridge builders, and the surest foundation for these bridges is the fact that we are all the children of one universal Father, God. Speaking of God as Mind, the supreme, creative intelligence, Mary Baker Eddy writes, ``The children of God have but one Mind.''1 Mrs. Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science, writes elsewhere, ``On this basis the brotherhood of all peoples is established; namely, one God, one Mind, and `Love thy neighbor as thyself,' the basis on which and by which the infinite God, good, the Father-Mother Love, is ours and we are His in divine Science.''2

All of us, in our true identity as God's likeness, are spiritual, perfect, complete, immortal. The real man reflects all the qualities of God and has only those thoughts that come from the divine Mind, which is all-harmonious. In our real being, we are not mortals, governed by willfulness, greed, distrust, and self-love. This understanding forms a solid basis on which to live harmoniously with everyone we may meet. It gives us a spiritual perspective from which our problems can best be solved.


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