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Don't Accept Disease

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Sometimes we may feel as though disease were inevitable. Consciously or unconsciously we think that because everybody has a cold, we can expect to get sick, too. Or if we hear of a disease that ``always'' strikes someone of our particular age or background, we may believe that we're vulnerable too. If we are thinking of ourselves as primarily (or totally) material beings, the expectation of disease is understandable. But Christ Jesus taught a completely different view of man. He spoke of God as Spirit and described our relationship to God in spiritual terms. He also healed many serious diseases: leprosy, internal bleeding, blindness, lameness, insanity. He made clear that he was doing this work through the power of God alone. John's Gospel tells that the Master declared, ``The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.''

Jesus not only understood God to be all-powerful Love, he also knew that man is inseparable from Him. And to be forever united with God, Spirit, means that man must be spiritual. And union of finite matter with infinite Spirit is impossible.

By the same token, it is impossible to think of Spirit as being sick. This stems from the fact that Spirit is not material. And by extension, this means that in truth you and I are not material but spiritual because we are the man God, Spirit, made. This doesn't mean we ignore illness. It means that through prayer we can understand our true identity in spiritual terms and in this way experience actual physical healing.


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