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The Price of Patrolling Iraq's Skies

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Regarding the editorial "Patrolling Iraqi Skies," Aug. 31: The editorial fails to consider how much these round-the-clock aircraft patrols are costing an America that is broke and has millions of citizens who are in need. Nor does the editorial discuss the fact that the United States Constitution prevents a president from calling up the troops on his own except in cases of attack or imminent attack.

Some of us are worried that this great nation is becoming just what the founders feared and sought to prevent through constitutional provisions: the personal arsenal and army of the president. Mary C. Decker, Houston Drop in dollar

Regarding the front-page article "Election Jitters Partially Blamed for Dollar Drop," Aug. 27: The article does not match the facts, as the dollar has historically lost ground against strong currencies. A bipartisan policy of government-induced inflating endorsed by both parties has nearly destroyed our currency. In the immediate post-war era, 360 yen were required to buy one dollar, and the deutsche mark and Swiss franc were worth around 25 cents. Now the dollar has approached 25 yen, and the mark and f ranc are worth about 71 and 80 cents respectively, as of Aug. 27.

Inflation is cumulative and compounded, which explains why the dollar is worth only 10 cents. Anyone who believes the trend will reverse or that a nation can prosper with a worthless currency ignores the lessons of history. Howard L. Naslund, Annapolis, Md. A cop's `code of silence'


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