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Greece Cuts Ties, Closes Port to Punish Macedonia

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ANGERED at Macedonia's refusal to change its name, Greece suspended diplomatic relations with the former Yugoslav republic yesterday and declared the northern port of Salonica off-limits to Macedonian ships as long as Macedonia continues to go by that name. Greece contends the name and use of a Greek symbol on the Macedonian flag suggests Skopje has designs on the northern Greek province also called Macedonia.

Salonica, 40 miles south of Macedonia's border, is a principle trade route through which the landlocked country gets its fuel. Alternative routes take far longer.

Greece also suspended its consulate activities in Skopje. Some in the Macedonian capital claim there is a large minority in Greece that speaks the Macedonian Slavic dialect. Greece counters that, while some people may speak both the dialect and Greek, they are not necessarily an ethnic minority.

The break in relations was certain to earn Greece criticism from its partners in the European Union. Six EU members have already extended diplomatic recognition to ``The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia,'' as the country was named temporarily when it was admitted to the United Nations in April. Washington extended similar recognition to Skopje last week. US pushes for stiffer Haitian sanctions

THE United States circulated a controversial UN Security Council resolution Tuesday that sharply tightens the trade embargo against Haiti, grounds private aircraft, and freezes some Haitian financial assets. But the draft also exempts goods from US firms assembled in Haiti, a provision that may delay a Council vote on the six-page resolution. Venezuela, France, and Canada reluctantly agreed to the draft despite objections to some of its provisions, diplomats said. The four nations form a UN advisory group on Haiti.


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