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Changing Jobs

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WITH the beginning of 1994 the first provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement have been put in place. As NAFTA goes into effect, step by step, some North Americans are concerned they might lose their jobs. No one knows for sure what changes will occur. But most concede there will be some type of job shuffling. Workers affected by the treaty needn't suffer from the transition though. With God's guidance, we can ensure that changes and adjustments can be for the better on both the individual and the national level.

One worker's gain need not be another's loss. God blesses all, equally and impartially. Jobs may come and go, but our Father-Mother's ability to meet every need abundantly never wanes or wavers. God can lead us to employment that is progressive and productive. Humility opens our eyes to seeing what the possibilities for increased usefulness and worth are. It helps to drop all preconceived notions and personal outlines of what work we'd like to have, or think we're qualified for. Then we're more likely to discover the wide range of new opportunities that we might not otherwise find.

Our worth as a worker comes not so much from what is listed on our resume as from the spiritual qualities of God we reflect. Intelligence, integrity, wisdom, creativity, and so on, are what constitute value. These qualities come to us from God, and they are generously bestowed upon all of us as His children.

Our ability to express God-derived qualities is without limit. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, explains in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: ``A knowledge of the Science of being develops the latent abilities and possibilities of man. It extends the atmosphere of thought, giving mortals access to broader and higher realms. It raises the thinker into his native air of insight and perspicacity'' (p. 128). Everything God is, man expresses. God is infinite good, knowing no restrictions or limits. Man's capacities, as an expression of God, are likewise unrestricted.


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