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Gore's Rebirth On Gridiron Night


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The president either enjoyed it or played the part of someone enjoying it. He smiled a bit, nodding his head to the music.

Sitting next to me was someone named Ed Rollins, who was said to have ended his career as a political consultant by ``admitting'' at a Monitor breakfast he had been active in ``suppressing'' the black vote in a New Jersey election. Rollins later recanted. But the Gridironers evidently took him at his first word as they conducted an ``Ed Rollins Sing Along'' to the tune of ``Matilda'':

Soloist: In New Jersey election day

Republicans told me stay away

Ed Rollins, he pay me money to hold down the


Soloist: Everybody!

Chorus : Ed Rollins

Soloist: Sing a little louder!

Chorus : Ed Rollins

Soloist: Let me hear you holler!

Chorus : Ed Rollins, he pay me money to hold down the


On the next verse the audience was asked to join in, and I noticed that Rollins was singing too. But Rollins barely lost out on what might be called ``Good sport of the evening'' award to House GOP leader Bob Michel who surprised everyone by coming out of the audience to the stage to play himself with this parody on ``How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?''

``Maybe I wasn't known for my charisma.

``Maybe I never had a crop of hair.

``Maybe I'm stiff when posing for the camera.

``But I've never been a partisan doctrinaire.

``Many a thing I'd like to tell Newt Gingrich.

``If I could interrupt him graciously.

``I'd teach him how to act,

``Be civil and show tact,

``And stop his endless posing for TV.

``Then we would solve the problem of Newt Gingrich.

``He'd be a dull Republican like me!''

There were two standing ovations for Michel. It was that kind of a night.


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