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Leaders or Loudmouths? Results of All-Female Colleges

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In the article ``All Women, With No Apologies,'' July 12, Janet McKay, president of Mills College, makes a good point when she states that all-female colleges help young women develop confidence in themselves. Many women in elected offices are good examples of the effectiveness of all-female colleges in developing leaders. Examples include the first female governor and the current lieutenant governor of Connecticut, who attended Mount Holyoke and Bryn Mawr respectively, and the state's three United States congresswomen, each of whom attended a women's college. George Dean, Southport, Conn.

Leaders or Loudmouths? Results of All-Female Colleges

Why is an all-female Mills college good, and an all-male Citadel bad?

The answer: No reason.

One need look no further for a typical attitude than the interview with Janet McKay, Mills college president. On the one hand Ms. McKay states, ``I don't like to be bullied, and I distrust a person who will try to get something by aggression.'' On the other hand, three paragraphs later she says, ``When doors are not open, we may need to beat them down.''

We seem to devour each other in discourses of suspicion, hostility, and unreason. If we would sharpen our attitudes and remove emotion and hatred from issues of sexism (as well as others) we likely would find no issues at all. Ward Rapp, Evanston, Ill.

Emus are more than a meal

Regarding the article ``Breeders Aim to Hatch a Big Market for Emus,'' July 12: Isn't it enough that carnivorous humans are licking their chops for whale meat, horse meat, etc.? Now the Monitor cooks up another tasty morsel in reporting what could result in the confinement, slaughter, and misery of yet another innocent species: the emu.

If we're looking to attain the millennial estate in which the wolf dwells with the lamb, the leopard lies down with the kid ... and a little child leads them (not wears them or eats them), shouldn't humans begin to express toward lesser ideas what Isaiah prophesied for the animals? Vegetarianism is an excellent way to start. Chris Anderlik, Empire, Mich.


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