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Bosnia Muslims Were Killed by The Truckload

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* Eight of the survivors reported either being robbed, beaten, and tortured themselves or seeing other prisoners beaten or tortured by Bosnian Serb soldiers. More than 50 Muslims, most of whom were prominent political or business figures before the war, were singled out for torture and execution by Bosnian Serb soldiers and civilians on the night of July 13 when thousands of prisoners were held in the towns of Bratunac and Kravica, according to four survivors.

* General Mladic, who US officials are currently negotiating with, spoke to prisoners or was seen at five sites - Potocari, Bratunac, Nova Kasaba, Kravica, and Karakaj - hours before executions were carried out, according to five survivors. Two Karakaj survivors say they saw Mladic riding in a car on the way to the execution site and getting out of a car at the Karakaj site as the killings occurred.

In separate interviews, the survivors described a similar sequence of events involving Mladic. According to the accounts, the general introduced himself or was introduced by his troops to prisoners. Mladic first mocked Bosnian government leaders and then promised the prisoners they would not be harmed and would be exchanged for Bosnian Serb prisoners.

Assuming all the accounts are true, the scope of the atrocities, and the logistics needed to carry out the executions, indicates that the decision to execute prisoners was made at the highest levels of the Bosnian Serb leadership. Bosnian Serb commander Mladic and self-styled Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic were indicted by The Hague-based International War Crimes Tribunal in July for atrocities committed earlier in the war.

Officials from the International War Crimes Tribunal would not comment on their ongoing investigation, but seven of the nine alleged survivors said they had been interviewed by tribunal investigators. All, including the five who say they saw Mladic, said their Bosnian Serb guards and executioners made no attempt to hide their identities. All of them also said they are willing to testify before the tribunal.

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