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Giving up Luxuries to Feed Hungry Children

Regarding the article "Pampered Pets, Hungry Children - Which Come First?" Oct. 19: I agree with the author that a prosperous nation such as the United States should be able to find the resources to feed undernourished children. But taking away our companion animals' nourishment is not the answer.

When I adopted my cat a year ago, I made a commitment to provide quality food for her that will keep her healthy. Most pet foods contain pesticides and artificial colors. So I don't consider the all-natural cat food from my local health food store a "luxury."

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This isn't to say I can't afford to help children too. We all can. For example, I can make do with one movie, instead of three or four, from the video store on weekends. Instead of buying the latest best-selling book, I can borrow it from the local library.

If Americans gave up even one or two true "luxuries" each week and donated the money they saved to charities, I think we'd find that there are enough resources to feed both children and animals.

Maggie Moore

Rockville, Md.

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