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Four new polls gave President Clinton a commanding lead of 15 to 24 percentage points over GOP challenger Bob Dole. An ABC News survey found 53 percent of the electorate favoring Clinton, 38 percent Dole. A Harris poll had the president leading 54 to 36 percent. A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll put the figures at 55 and 34 percent. And a CBS-Times survey found 58 percent favoring Clinton, 34 percent Dole.

The president called for the expansion of NATO by making a number of former Soviet bloc nations NATO members by 1999. The call came during a speech in Detroit. Dole accused Clinton of "foot-dragging," on NATO expansion. He said some nations should be added by 1998.

Dole was campaigning in Michigan at the end of a scheduled two-day bus tour. He touted his economic plan and made passing references to ethical lapses in the White House and in Democratic fund-raising.

Nazi leaders hoped their massive transfer of funds and documents into Switzerland toward the end of WWII would help preserve the Nazi movement, a newly released document indicated. The two-page memo from the Office of Strategic Services, precursor to the CIA, is dated May 9, 1945. It was released by the World Jewish Congress.

Damage from multiple wildfires in southern California continued to rise. More than 90 homes have been damaged or destroyed and more than 18,000 acres scorched. Fires have been whipped by winds gusting to 70 miles an hour. Malibu and Carlsbad were among towns suffering the most damage.

States of emergency remained in effect for parts of Maine, Massachusetts, and all of New Hampshire after a storm dumped 18 inches of rain in some areas. It damaged roads and bridges, caused much flooding, and left more than 1,000 people without drinking water.


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