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The US

The Supreme Court was set to hear arguments on the line-item veto. It will decide the constitutionality of a law that would make Clinton the first president able to reject specific items from spending bills. A federal judge threw out the law, saying Congress can't delegate spending authority.

Trying to put the 'Memorial' back in Memorial Day, a group called No Greater Love organized a nationwide moment of silence on the holiday to remember US war dead. Also, tens of thousands of motorcycle-riding Vietnam vets roared through Washington to honor fallen comrades and push for an accounting of those listed as missing in action.

In severe holiday weather, tornadoes struck a wide area including parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Two people were killed. And heavy rainstorms across the Midwest and Northeast postponed the Indianapolis 500 and baseball games in New York and Philadelphia.

Amelia-Earhart emulator Linda Finch is set to finish her round-the-world flight. Flying the same model Earhart used in 1937, the Texas resident planned to leave Honolulu today and arrive in Oakland, Calif., tomorrow.

Some 3,500 General Motors workers in Oklahoma City planned to end a seven-week strike and return to work today. But 5,900 employees in Pontiac, Mich., are in their eighth week on strike. They say fewer workers are doing more work, which increases the number of injuries. GM says the strikes have cost $225 million in lost production.

Air Force Pilot Kelly Flinn has decided to accept a general discharge - and not fight for an honorable discharge. The nation's first female B-52 pilot told Time magazine she did it to "save myself, my family, and the Air Force ... the embarrassment."

Former Air Force Sgt. Napolean Bailey was sentenced to 30 years in prison for rape and 14 related charges near Spokane, Wash. He will be dishonorably discharged from the Air Force, where the offenses took place.


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