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The US

At least 25 countries already have - or may be developing - nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons as well as the means to deliver them, the Pentagon said. An unspecified number of others have the potential to produce such weapons "on short notice," a report issued by Defense Secretary Cohen said. The report also notes that six would-be nuclear powers - Ukraine, Kazakstan, Belarus, North Korea, South Africa, and Iraq - "have been turned away from that path."

President Clinton will certify that China is not helping other countries in the development of nuclear weapons, the White House announced. The move will clear the way for the sale of billions of dollars' worth of nuclear reactors to China by American companies. Presidential certification, required by Congress since 1985, was withheld as long as China was suspected of exporting nuclear technology to such countries as Pakistan and Iran.

Spacewalking astronauts safely pulled a $10 million satellite back aboard the shuttle Columbia. Winston Scott of the US and Japan's Takao Doi caught the spinning Spartan solar observer with their hands and returned it to Columbia's cargo bay by robot arm.

The Federal Election Commission said it might not have enough money for candidates in presidential primaries in 2000 because of dwindling public support. The commission is funded by contributions via a checkoff box on federal tax returns. Only 12.9 percent of taxpayers opted to give in 1995, compared with 18.9 percent in 1992, it said. Meanwhile, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics said its research showed business interests outspent organized labor by 11 to 1 in political contributions last year, with two-thirds of the funds going to Republican candidates.


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