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From Fear to Trust

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

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I couldn't help noticing how often the word fear has appeared recently in stories about the economy.

There was a time when I trembled at the financial situation in my own life. But what now stands out to me about that time is not the fear but the swiftness and certainty and comfort of God's answer to my prayer.

My city had raging unemployment that exceeded 10 percent. I'd been thrown back into the work force suddenly after a divorce and had no real work skills to offer. Following weeks of going on as many job interviews as possible, which hadn't resulted in one offer of employment, I was terrified that I couldn't support my children or hold on to our house.

One afternoon I quickly retreated into the ladies' room of a large department store, to hide a moment of extreme emotional reaction to this fear. And I prayed to God - earnestly - to help me. It was hard to think clearly at that moment, but quite honestly I remember pushing aside thoughts of ending my life that came from not being able to see a way out of this situation.

As I prayed, something remarkable began to happen. My prayer started to change from a fearful imploring to the Almighty God for help, to a quieter sense of listening to Him. Finally, as I continued to pray, it occurred to me to become willing to let Him govern all the events and the direction of my life. And with this letting go of the need to plan my life came a wonderful and unmistakable calm, even a peace, which covered my whole being.

I can best describe what I felt in one word: trust. Nothing in my present circumstances had changed. But inwardly I had a truly peaceful sense that God was governing all that concerned me. The fear was simply no longer there.

Trusting God with our today, our tomorrow, our eternal future, leads to a greater awareness of His ever-presence. It makes us receptive to the help He is always pouring forth for us, His children. We are, each of us, the children of God. God is our supply of good. All good comes from this all-loving Parent.


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