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Search for Answers to Preventing Violence

Regarding "After School Shooting, New Self-Examination" (March 26): It is truly astonishing the conclusions we reach when we attempt to find answers through "self-examination." Rather than looking to place blame for recent events on the Southern culture or conservatives, it may be time for this country to realize that it is beginning to reap what it has sown in its schools over the past generation or so.

How many teachers and students over the last six months might still be alive had schools not been subject to mandated political correctness and, instead, had copies of the Ten Commandments posted on their classroom walls? What might have been different today had we not, in our perverted attempts at being non-judgmental or multicultural, outlawed prayer in schools? Might things have been different today had we not feared the imposition of values on others in our society?

When prayer and the Golden Rule are absent from our schools, what remains to counterbalance the often harmful secular and cultural influences on our children? Self- examine that.

Hank Stanley

San Diego

It's amazing to me that people in the United States continue to ask, "how could something like this happen?" Besides children, there is one common denominator in these events - guns. Eliminating guns in the US will not stop disturbed people from committing senseless acts, but it will minimize the damage they can inflict.

But then, this is wishful thinking. I know the gun lobby will not accept such an infringement on their rights, politicians will not have the political will to enact it, and people will continue to die while the citizen wonders, "how could something like this happen?"

Mitch Bowman

Tunbridge Wells, UK

Importing talent is shortsighted

"Key Import: Keen Minds (March 23) not only has an insulting headline (does this country have a shortage of keen minds?) it's very naive.


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