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How Do You Manage?

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

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Do you ever feel that too many responsibilities are swamping you? Recently, I was feeling that way. Working often until one or two in the morning, I would wake up tired and unhappy at the beginning of another day's stormy passage.

Then an opportunity arose to escape to an island accessible only by private boat. With no interruptions, I could rest and recapture my sense of joy.

But a few weeks after arriving, I was exhausted. I was doing maintenance in return for using the house, keeping up with normal chores, catching up on work. I was often busy until after midnight and waking up early, dreading getting out of bed to start another day.

Sound familiar? I realized that all that had changed was my location. And then I had to laugh, for I was alone and had no one but myself to blame for the way things were going. This brought the clearer recognition that we're not overwhelmed by circumstances but rather by our own perceptions of them.

By finding that dominion over the events of our lives is our natural right as God's children, we can replace chaos with productivity and keep our lives in control. When we open our thoughts to God, the source of true peace, we find calm coming into our lives. The Bible says that from the beginning God created us in His image, spiritual, to have dominion over all (see Gen. 1:26).

Someone who brought this fact out as practical for you and me was Christ Jesus. He recognized it, claimed it as true, and spoke it to the fearful mind and the troubled heart in ways that healed. He even spoke to the turmoil of wind and wave, saying, "Peace, be still." The result? "And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm" (Mark 4:39). His spiritual understanding brought the peace and harmony of God's power to human lives.

I saw that whether at home or on a remote island, I needed to repent - that is, to rethink who was really in charge; to calm the seas of my own thought before considering what was required in my physical surroundings. I needed to do what the disciples of Jesus did: turn to his example for guidance.


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