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Investing responsibly provided incorrect information for the social responsibility investment chart that appeared here last week. The fund performance figures below are correct.

SRI funds generally avoid companies active in tobacco, gambling, weapons production, and alcohol. Several beat the average return of the S&P 500 index funds (4.8 percent) for the first quarter.

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Fund name Year to date 1 year

IPS Millennium 22.4% 45.5% 800-232-9142

Calvert Social Eq A 7.5 6.7 800-368-2748

Victory Lakefront 7.6 7.8 800-423-0898

American Trust 6.8 28.4 800-423-0898

Amana Growth Fund 6.6 14.8 800-728-8762

Bridgeway SR 6.4 23.1 800-661-3550

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Citizens Index Fund 5.5 29.5 800-223-7010

Dreyfus Third Century 5.2 20.4 800-782-6620

Source:, as of 3/31 close

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