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WHAT: There's nothing better than stargazing on a clear summer evening. But have you ever wondered what those stars are made of, or why days are longer in the summer? The "NASA Kids" Web site answers just about any question related to the universe, the solar system, weather patterns, and the Earth.

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BEST POINTS: Whether you're interested in black holes, the Chandra limit, or hurricanes, you'll find lots of information here. Sections entitled "Space and beyond," "Rockets and Airplanes," "Pioneers and Astronauts," and "Projects and Games" include detailed explanations, vocabulary, photos, videos, and projects. You can learn how to make a sundial and simulate cloud formation, or take an online quiz. You can also opt to receive weekly e-mails covering new science developments such as wildfire monitoring from space or the search for signs of liquid water on Mars. A section for educators gives suggestions for teaching astronomy.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This is only one of several informative sites that NASA maintains, often geared toward different age levels. Many of the sections on this site are actually part of these other NASA educational links, such as Starchild or Liftoff.

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