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Super Bowl helps highlight the power of unity

In "Mourning a moment passed: when race didn't matter"(Jan. 30, Opinion), the author says "Until we stop using labels to separate cultures, our troubles will remain just behind the dash of indifference." For me, this was an insightful statement exposing the dishonesty and ignorance of political correctness.

The article spotlights the firefighter statue fiasco. Why the percentage of black and Hispanic firefighters, or female for that matter, should be an issue is beyond me. Those being rescued in a fire don't care about the skin color or gender of the individuals rescuing them as long as they can carry them down the ladder safely.

We should learn from the Super Bowl. All anyone cared about that day was that the players were selected because of their ability and that, together, they played the best they could.

The Patriots didn't even come out individually at the beginning. They came out as a team. As one! They had their sights set on what was important.

Not a word about race or hyphenated diversity labels. No one cared about quotas or diversity.

Mary Kuhl
San Ramon, Calif.

Time to say goodbye to gambling

Regarding "States take a big gamble" (Feb. 4): Whether it is lotteries that put states into the bookie business, or more and more subsidies for ever-fading race tracks and both land and floating casinos, the price tab discussed by the pushers doesn't ever seem to calculate the actual pricetag charged to the gambler, or to his or her family. Nor does it consider the cost to society.

More and more statesmen are refusing to fall for the false promises of gambling - tired of the huge amount of taxpayer-funded time gambling issues take from the normal legislative agenda. Kudos to these legislators, willing to search for sound economic solutions to real economic problems. Shame on those still pushing gambling.

Dianne M. Berlin
Penryn, Pa.

National Coalition Against

Legalized Gambling

Invalid immigrant worker philosophy

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