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Would you like to Super-size that?

A hungry customer cut her way through a McDonald's drive-thru line - but no one dared complain.

A four-ton elephant named Tina showed up at a McDonald's in Cape Coral, Fla., on Wednesday morning, happily swallowing 10 veggie burgers that she grabbed from workers by sticking her snout through the drive-thru window.

The stunt was a promotion for a visiting circus.

"It was a lot of fun," said McDonald's worker Missy Williams, 34. "Her snout was kind of wet, though."

Choosing veggie burgers for Tina's menu wasn't part of any diet plan that the Asian elephant is adhering to. Elephants just don't eat meat.

"She's pretty slim, as far as elephants go," said Adam Hill, the elephant's handler.

The Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus was performing in Cape Coral through Thursday.

A penny for your thoughts?

Matthew Mokanyk decided to have a little fun when he ended up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

To settle a court-ordered tab of $1,853.87, the president of Landtech, a surveying company, dug into his pocket for an extra $1,000 to finance an elaborate prank on his former landlord, Powerhouse Gym, in Traverse City, Mich..

Mokanyk hired a delivery crew with a truck and forklift to deliver 74 14-pound boxes of pennies - 185,387 pennies - to Powerhouse Gym.

"It took us two weeks to get the pennies," Mokanyk told the Traverse City Record-Eagle. "The bank called us when they were ready and we had to have four guys go over and pick them up."

When Powerhouse owner Norm Schaub was asked to sign for the half-ton delivery, the delivery crew claimed they weren't sure of the contents. Schaub assumed it was gym equipment, said Paul Schaub, Norm Schaub's brother.

"We have stuff coming all the time so Norm just signed for the delivery," Paul Schaub said.

The Schaubs were left wondering how to spend $1,853.87 in pennies.


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