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I'm a teen - get me out of here!

Two comedy-dramas aimed at teen girls deal with family problems, romance, and identity.

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After a spate of boy-targeted pirate and "Terminator" fare, teenage girls are bidding for attention this week. The favored age is 17, which is how old the heroines of "How to Deal" and "I Capture the Castle" happen to be.

Although both pictures are romantic comedies of a sort, the modern-day "How to Deal" is actually harder to believe than "Castle," set several decades ago, where the heroine lives with her weirded-out family in an exotic fortress. This isn't because "How to Deal" is more far-fetched, but because its teens behave less like real adolescents than like the plot-driven youngsters Hollywood is prone to dreaming up.

The big selling point of "How to Deal" is Mandy Moore, the popular singer and rising movie star whose public image is a sort of Britney Spears without the glitzy outfits and aggressive sexuality.

Ms. Moore plays Halley, a well-meaning girl with the kind of dysfunctional family film teens almost always seem to have. Her mom (Allison Janney) is still quaking from a recent divorce; her DJ dad (Peter Gallagher) is marrying a bimbo half his age; her grandma (Nina Foch) enjoys sneaking to the bathroom for pot-smoking sessions; and her big sister (Mary Catherine Garrison) is engaged to a guy who doesn't think a day is complete with at least one major squabble.

And then there's her best friend, another teen (Alexandra Holden) whose boyfriend meets an accidental death immediately after getting her pregnant. Halley really likes Macon, the handsome boy (Trent Ford) who wants to date her. But with so much love-related misery swirling around her, how can she help being cynical about the very idea of romance? Can she be "just friends" with Macon, or is even a platonic relationship too risky for a girl who thinks "falling in love" mean just that - falling, falling, falling, with a rocky crash as the inevitable result?


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