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The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (R)

Director: Takeshi Kitano. With Beat Takeshi, Michiyo Ogusu, Tadanobu Asano, Guadalcanal Taka. (116 min.)

Sterritt *** Kitano plays the sightless samurai who sustained many Japanese action pictures in the 1960s. The new adventure is stylishly directed and smartly acted, especially by the filmmaker-star, who gives one of his best performances as the unerring swordsman. He could have left out the splashy musical number at the end, though. In Japanese with subtitles.

The Bourne Supremacy (PG-13)

Director: Paul Greengrass. With Matt Damon, Joan Allen, Brian Cox, Julia Stiles. (110 min.)

Sterritt ** Sequel to "The Bourne Identity," which at least had some psychological tension as the hero learns what his identity is - namely, a CIA assassin with amnesia. This time it's just chasing, fistfighting, and shooting. A disappointment from the director of "Bloody Sunday."

Catwoman (PG-13)

Director: Pitof. With Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone, Lambert Wilson. (97 min.)

Sterritt * Sassy superheroine battles criminal cosmetics king. Cartoonish effects and overacting make this more corn than catnip.

La Dolce Vita (Not rated)

Director: Federico Fellini. With Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Alain Cuny, Anouk Aimée. (175 min.)

Sterritt **** A jaded journalist observes and lives "the sweet life" of Rome in 1960. Fellini's dissection of modern decadence rings as true as ever today. A profound film by a legendary director in the greatest period of his career. In Italian with subtitles.

A Home at the End of the World (R)

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