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Birth (R)

Director: Jonathan Glazer. With Nicole Kidman, Danny Huston, Lauren Bacall, Cameron Bright. (100 min.)

Sterritt **** A widow, about to remarry, meets a 10-year-old boy who insists he's the reincarnation of her late husband. The eerie tale is steeped in brooding atmosphere and psychological suspense thanks to Glazer's hugely imaginative visual style and creative use of music, sound, and silence. Huston gives a starmaking performance and Kidman is better than ever. Brilliant.

Enduring Love (R)

Director: Roger Michell. With Daniel Craig, Samantha Morton, Rhys Ifans, Bill Nighy. (100 min.)

Sterritt *** See review.

Home of the Brave (Not rated)

Director: Paola di Florio. With Sander Vanocur, Gloria Steinem, John Lewis, voice of Stockard Channing. (75 min.)

Sterritt **** Amazing footage from the glory period of the civil rights movement energizes this documentary about Viola Gregg Liuzzo, a white woman whose 1965 murder by white supremacists in Alabama helped push Congress to pass key voting rights legislation. Fascinating.

Let the Church Say Amen (Not rated)

Director: David Petersen. With members of a Washington, D.C., church. (87 min.)

Sterritt *** Documentary about a small, minimally funded church that helps its African-American members face the challenges of ghetto life. Affecting, though not very artistic.

Ray (PG-13)

Director: Taylor Hackford. With Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Clifton Powell, Regina King. (152 min.)

Sterritt *** See review.

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession (Not rated)

Director: Xan Cassavetes. With Robert Altman, James Woods, F.X. Feeney, Kevin Thomas. (122 min.)

Sterritt **** Riveting documentary about the early California cable outlet and its ingenious programmer, Jerry Harvey, whose unsettled life and tragic death provide a dramatic framework for the account. Cassavetes does a fine job of orchestrating film clips, talking heads, and archival footage.

The Forgotten (PG-13)

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