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A structure so simple

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

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A friend and I were riding our bicycles along a very pleasant stretch of lakeshore. It was an "up-north" setting, one that traditionally had been for summer vacations but over the years had become an upscale year-round residential area.

We were enjoying the smooth road and the beautiful scenery, but we couldn't help commenting on the substantial houses along the way. Each one seemed grander than the one before. There were Victorian houses, bungalows, modified ranch-style houses, and there were some that were simply big without any obvious style.

Suddenly I grabbed my brake levers and squealed to a stop. There, right next to the water, was the most perfect little dwelling I'd seen all day. My friend heard my brakes and circled back to see what was up. I nodded toward the one-room cabin, its logs painted pastel yellow, its trim pastel blue and pink. It was a gorgeous little house in a perfect up-north spot. My friend asked, "What's so special?"

"There's no mistaking the design in a structure so simple," I said. He remarked that he hadn't even noticed when first riding by.

What was the appeal? The pattern, the motif, and the arrangement of the elements were not complicated; they were not buried in the architecture. Its purpose was plain to see for anyone who was looking.

So many things seem complicated and big. A job, a relationship, church, school, politics. I'm in a constant search for that log-cabin kind of simplicity.

I know it can be found in prayer.

Prayer is how I search for an understanding of God, and I've found that understanding in Christian Science.

Since the time of that bike ride, I was asked to speak to a group of colleagues. While we were in the same business and had the same goals, our methods and motivation were different. I was told that I'd be speaking with some who disagreed with everything my part of the business represented. They also thought that my budget was too high and didn't understand how it could be justified.


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