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Sterritt **** Sad story of a middle-aged Israeli prostitute whose well-meaning teenage daughter wants desperately to get her off the streets and into a legitimate job. Yedaya's prizewinning debut film is acted and directed with uncommon psychological realism. In Hebrew with subtitles.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (PG)

Director: Ken Kwapis. With Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrara, Alexis Bledel, Blake Lively. (110 min.)

Sterritt *** See review.

The White Diamond (Not rated)

Director: Werner Herzog. With Dr. Graham Dorrington, Werner Herzog, Mark Anthony Yhap. (90 min.)

Sterritt **** Herzog's highly personal portrait of a British scientist who's invented a sort of newfangled blimp to explore the canopy of a Guyana rain forest. Like all Herzog's best movies, this more-or-less documentary blurs the boundaries between unpredictable reality and sheer cinematic storytelling. Touching, transfixing, unique.

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen (Not rated)

Director: Christopher Browne. With Pete Weber, Wayne Webb, Steve Miller, Walter Ray Williams Jr. (98 min.)

Sterritt *** Documentary about efforts to turn bowling into a big-time spectator sport. While the movie is strong on the history of its subject, it allows some yawns to enter its own account of a big, heavily hyped tournament. Still, it's very entertaining.

Crash (R)

Director: Paul Haggis. With Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Esposito, Matt Dillon. (113 min.)

Sterritt *** Interlocking stories of diverse Los Angeles characters, from cops and crooks to folks caught in between. The writer of "Million Dollar Baby" makes his directing debut with a screenplay that often seems rigged and contrived, but comes to life via excellent acting and a philosophical argument that bigotry and benevolence are inextricably intertwined.

Dominion Prequel to The Exorcist (R)
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