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Consider it hilarious

Christopher Guest's latest spoof pillories a troupe of puffed-up thespians

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"For Your Consideration" is, except for "Borat," the funniest film of the year. Or, it's the funniest film that you don't have to watch through parted fingers.

Director/co-writer/actor Christopher Guest extends his perfect streak. "Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show," and "A Mighty Wind" all featured Guest's peerless stock company of improvisers in mockumentaries about, respectively, small-town theater, dog shows, and folk music.

"For Your Consideration" is not a mockumentary, but there is much in it that is mocking. It's about a troupe of minor Hollywood players who buy into Internet rumors that they are Oscar contenders. As the film illustrates, there is nothing as fatuous as an actor with delusions of grandeur.

The film they're making is called "Home for Purim," a straight-faced, low-budget Southern drama featuring Catherine O'Hara as the actress Marilyn Hack, who plays a dying matriarch with a penchant for wide-eyed histrionics. When word reaches her about her Oscar buzz, she eases into diva mode.

To her chagrin, the buzz also begins for her costars, including Parker Posey as her errant daughter in "Purim" and, as her husband in the movie-within-a-movie, Harry Shearer, who hopes his newfound prominence will erase people's memories of him as TV pitchman Irv the Footlong Weiner. The buzz brings an offer from a sleazy distributor on the condition that the Jewish holiday of Purim be changed to Thanksgiving. By this point, the cast will do whatever it takes.


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