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Polls show anti-American feelings at all time high in Muslim countries

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"Muslims cannot accept the US policy of supporting Israel and its occupation of Arab and Muslim territories," he said, adding that Arabs could also not understand Washington's opposition to Iran's nuclear program while Israel's was ignored.

Reuters reports that the good news in the report is that 67 percent of those surveyed said that the US could substantially repair its image if it brokered peace in the region.

But commentators in the region doubt that the US will do this. Rami Khouri – editor of The Daily Star of Lebanon and described by Ignatius as "one of most balanced journalists in the Arab world" – says that you only need to listen to American officials speak at an international gathering to understand why four out of five Arabs have an unfavorable view of the US and its policies.

This year, the task of further lowering Arab-Islamic esteem for the US government fell to David Satterfield, the senior adviser and coordinator for Iraq in the office of the US secretary of state. The gist of his remarks was that the US public and government have limited patience in Iraq, and it was up to Iraqis now to take change of their future by acting in a national rather than a sectarian fashion ...

The destruction that might be unleashed around the Middle East, and possibly the world, from the US decision to go to war in Iraq is only now becoming clear. For the US to say that its patience is limited and that it can at best be a catalyst in the face of the furies and destruction it has unleashed is precisely the sort of self-serving double standard that causes so many people around the world to fear and resist the US.

Mr. Khouri also writes that, on the issue of double standards, the matter of "responsibility, impunity, and accountability is rising higher on the list of priorities of people" in the region. And while judicial processes are underway in the Arab world in countries like Iraq, Jordan and Sudan to bring those associated with violent acts to justice, he wonders if only Arabs and Muslims will be held accountable for their "brutality and crimes ... or is it possible to ask that those in the US, the United Kingdom, Israel, and other lands who have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people also be held accountable to world public opinion and the rule of law?"

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