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Quiz: Ending where you start

All of these words begin and end with the same letter. You might get a "kick" out of figuring out what they are. If you have trouble, ask your "mom" or "dad" for help. You can even ask your "sisters," if you have some. And a big "wow!" to you if you get them all right. (The answers are below.)

1. You wear these to keep from squinting on a bright day.

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s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _s

2. If something is not loose, it is:

t_ _ _t

3. If you forget things all the time, you may need to find a way to help you do this:

r_ _ _ _ _ _r

4. The capital of this state is named after a bird that rose from ashes – a phoenix!

A_ _ _ _ _a

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5. Sometimes this is what a bee does if it feels threatened.

s_ _ _ _s

6. This is short and stout, it has a handle and a spout, and if you tip it over, a hot beverage will come out.

t_ _ _ _t

7. This is a type of cheese that has many holes in it. Some people like to eat it with ham on rye bread. Other people may eat it all by itself.

S_ _ _s

8. This is a swift-running, crested bird of the US Southwest. It is also called a chaparral bird or a chaparral cock, and is often seen in cartoons being chased by a coyote.

r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _r

9. This is the continent surrounding the South Pole. It is twice the size of Australia. It is covered by an ice cap that is up to 13,000 feet thick.

A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _a

10. Two days before tomorrow.

y_ _ _ _ _ _ _y


1. Sunglasses

2. Tight

3. Remember

4. Arizona

5. Stings

6. Teapot

7. Swiss

8. Roadrunner

9. Antarctica

10. Yesterday

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