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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about divisions in Jerusalem, the USPS's high labor costs, the need for presidential leadership, and cost-saving measures to fight fires.

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Jerusalem: How to satisfy all residents?

In response to the May 15 article, "Jerusalem: unified city, divided views": This article did a poor job of portraying both sides of the situation in Jerusalem. The article couldn't have featured two more different people, it's true.

But while it portrayed Mahmoud Moussa Atoon as a richly detailed, sympathetic character, Judith Katz's life was summed up much more quickly.

The article also identified Hamas as a political party without noting that it's also a terrorist organization launching political campaigns at the same time that it's launching missiles at villages.

Yes, the situation needs to change. But both sides need to change it.

Matt Roth

In response to the May 15 article about the travails of residents of Jerusalem: Has anyone suggested that the city be placed under the United Nations' permanent jurisdiction?

Jerusalem is an important geographic place to Muslims, Jews and Christians. The Palestinians want to establish their capital city there. The Jews want to keep it as their holy city.

It does not seem as if all these interests and more can be met unless there is some way to assure all that their interests will be protected. Surely leaving the city under the jurisdiction of a single nation is not going to solve the problems.

Could this be a new role for the UN? In recent history has there been an international city in which people of all races and faiths had equal standing?

It seems to me this might be the only solution to the future of Jerusalem that might stand a chance of bringing the Israelis and Palestinians together – neither one of them in charge but both equal.

Perhaps the residents would have dual citizenship, both of Jerusalem and either Palestine or Israel.

William Barrons
Astoria, Ore.

USPS: Better with high labor costs


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