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When you've been rejected

We're forever approved of and chosen by God.

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It's strange to find yourself with the same hurt feelings you had in grade school when your best friend told you that she never wanted to play with you again. The stabbing rejection is back – that feeling of not being good enough, not being chosen, not being wanted or valued.

Maybe it's ridiculous to feel this way over a friendship that has moved on. You say to yourself, "Grow up! It's not the first time you've been rejected, and it won't be the last."

But heartache isn't so simple. It can be devastating – the result of infidelity in a marriage, being fired from a job, or a grown child no longer staying in touch. Whether the situation is big or small, we long to be comforted.

This has happened a number of times in my adult life. Some I've handled better than others. As I look back, the times I've found real comfort were when I stopped blaming the situation, myself, or others, and turned in prayer to God. This prayer always revealed to me that no matter what the hurt appeared to be, what actually made it so painful was that something about my relationship with God felt askew.

That may sound strange at first, but understanding my identity as God's child has been key to finding my way out of rejection. One way the Bible has taught me to look at God is as the only Ego, or Mind. God revealed Himself to Moses as "I AM THAT I AM"' (Ex. 3:14). Mary Baker Eddy, who founded the Monitor, described "I AM" as "God; incorporeal and eternal Mind; divine Principle; the only Ego" ("Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," p. 588).

Seeing that I am the effect or expression of that Ego, or God, gets me back on track. Knowing that we are the offspring of the divine Ego opens us up to the source of goodness, love, and ability. Believing we have our own egos, separate from God, results in pride and fear, limitation and doubt, because the mortal ego is finite and is not the source of goodness, love, and ability.


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