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What is RSS?

An RSS file is a list of headlines that can be read by another program or website. RSS is usually said to stand for "Really Simple Syndication" because it is relatively easy to implement and use.

Programs that know what to do with RSS files are called "news aggregators," and there are a lot of them. Most are very easy to use. They all let you read headlines from dozens or hundreds of news sites at one time.

There are three kinds of aggregators: aggregator web sites, web browsers that act as aggregators, and stand-alone aggregator software that you install on your computer. Once you have an aggregator, simply click on the RSS icon ( RSS feed icon sample ) associated with any of the feeds below. It will take you to a page where you can add the RSS feed to the most popular aggregators with one more click.

Sections Blogs
RSS All Stories
RSS Arts
RSS Books
RSS Commentary
RSS DC Decoder
RSS Environment
RSS Innovation
RSS Living
RSS Business
RSS Politics
RSS Science
RSS The Culture
RSS The Home Forum
RSS Articles on Christian Science
RSS World
RSS Backchannels
RSS Chapter & Verse
RSS Decoder Wire
RSS Editor's blog
RSS Global News
RSS Horizons
RSS Latin America Monitor
RSS Modern Parenthood
RSS Stir It Up!
RSS Terrorism & Security
RSS The Vote

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