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The Christian Science Monitor

 News Service


The Monitor News Service is a full-featured supplemental wire adding depth, global perspective, color, superb writing, photos and other graphics. It is available to publishers worldwide.

The Monitor currently has bureaus in Paris, Istanbul, and Beijing, and maintains a committed presence in Mexico City, Jerusalem, Beirut, South Africa, Nairobi, and Moscow.

US bureaus include: Monitor headquarters in Boston, New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Northwest which is served out of Ashland, Oregon.

Monitor-owned story texts, photos and graphics are posted in real time on the Monitor News Service website providing easy access and download for its subscribing publishers.

The service also provides daily and real time electronic content feed options.

Editors and publishers may customize a content package or select from a variety of established news service offerings. Please contact us for details:


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