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The Christian Science Monitor

News Service

The Monitor News Service is a full-featured supplemental wire offering depth, global perspective, color, and superb writing. It is available to publishers worldwide.

The Monitor currently has bureaus in Paris, Istanbul, and Beijing, and maintains a committed presence in the UK, Mexico City, Jerusalem, Beirut, South Africa, Jordan, and Moscow.

In addition to Monitor headquarters in Boston, US bureaus include Washington, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boulder, Colo., and south Florida.

For more information on accessing Monitor-owned story texts, photos, and graphics, please contact the New York Times Syndicate:

Europe, Middle East & Africa | | +44 207 061 3509

Asia Pacific | | +65 6391 9622

Latin America | | +52 55 5658 5681

U.S. & Canada | | +1 212 556 4015

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