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Imagining India

Is India ready for global leadership?

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When India opened its markets, nearly two decades ago, international media dubbed the developing nation an emerging economic superpower. So visitors to India’s financial capital may be forgiven their confusion when they see shantytowns right next to high-rise buildings. And the sight of grimy children peddling glossy magazines at intersections can be bemusing, to say the least.

But the numbers indicate that India is the second fastest-growing economy in the world. Clearly, some explanation is in order – and that’s exactly what Nandan Nilekani attempts to provide in Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation.

Nilekani is cofounder of Infosys, the NASDAQ-listed Bangalore-based software services company. It was during an interview with Nilekani that New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman gained the insight (derived from the startlingly simple idea that the Internet could render geography irrelevant for skilled workers in a global knowledge market) that inspired him to write his international bestseller “The World is Flat.”

Now, Nilekani has come up with a thought-provoking book of his own.

A puzzled visitor from New York once asked Nilekani, “If you can have such good roads in the Infosys campus, why are the roads outside so terrible?”

In “Imagining India,” the entrepreneur gamely takes up the challenge of answering this seemingly straightforward question. An engineer himself, he consults policymakers, academics, and experts in the field to explore the reasons why India grapples with infrastructure issues and seems unable to provide basic services for its masses.


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