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The Grace of Silence

NPR radio host Michele Norris raises questions of race as she explores the secrets kept by her Midwestern family.

The Grace of Silence
By Michele Norris
208 pp.,$24.95

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If you listen to National Public Radio, you know her voice: “This is MEE-shell Norris…” A cohost of “All Things Considered,” Michele Norris is heard in cars, homes, and offices all over America. Her intonations are probably as familiar to you as a friend’s – although most of us likely know next to nothing about her beyond the strum of her vocal chords.

Not that Norris is dying to dish. In her uneven memoir, The Grace of Silence, Norris describes a Minnesota upbringing that held up reticence as a virtue. But in covering the 2008 presidential campaign, Norris was so moved by voters’ candid conversations about race that she was inspired to give voice to her own history as a middle-class, Midwestern, African-American.

The result is a peculiar combination of anecdotes, reporting, reminiscences, personal essays, history, and sleuthing – a cathartic patchwork that may ultimately have been more satisfying for the writer to produce than the reader to consume.

Having said that, the narrative confusion of “The Grace of Silence” accurately and even poignantly reflects the author’s feelings about how her parents handled their racial identity and how the Norris family history intersected with America’s. Together, the writer and reader struggle to make sense of complex, ambiguous reactions.

The book is loosely organized around two family secrets that Norris discovered as an adult. In the first, Norris learns that her maternal grandmother, a dignified woman whom Norris and others respected immensely, worked in the late 1950s and early 1960s as a traveling Aunt Jemima, paid by the Quaker Oats Company to dress as a plantation slave and promote pancake mix to Midwestern farm wives.


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