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Warriors of God: Inside Hezbollah’s Thirty-Year Struggle Against Israel

Journalist Nicholas Blanford's comprehensive account of the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel is well-paced and gripping.

Warriors of God: Inside Hezbollah's Thirty-Year Struggle Against Israel
By Nicholas Blanford
Random House Publishing Group
544 pp

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If you have trouble keeping Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Hamas (Gaza Strip) straight and are not sure where Lebanon fits into the fractious geopolitics of the Middle East, Nicholas Blanford can lead you through the minefields – ideological, ethnic, and religious – to the Promised Land.  He has lived in, and reported on Lebanon for various media, including this newspaper, for one third of his life, since 1994.

As the author thoroughly documents in Warriors of God: Inside Hezbollah’s Thirty-Year Struggle Against Israel, the militant group has become the most powerful non-state army in the world, and the dominant political and military force within a deeply divided Lebanon.  It reached this point thanks to heavy subsidies from Syria and Iran. In a previous book, Blanford wrote about the 2005 assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, whose murder has been linked to four members of Hezbollah – presumably acting on behalf of Syria.


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