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Insane City

Dave Barry’s hilariously dark new farce hits all the right notes.


Insane City by Dave Barry
Penguin Group
352 pp.

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I think Dave Barry uses Miami as the setting for so much of his writing because he feels it’s easier for people to suspend their disbelief if something happens there. As if nowhere else in the world is there a big city filled with drug kingpins, big money, illegal immigrants, corrupt politicians, the elderly, and back-country hicks who really know their way around a python. (Apparently Mr. Barry has never heard of a little place called “The Twin Cities.” And by Twin Cities, I mean of course, Sodom and Gomorrah.)

Insane City is Barry's first return to adult fiction in more than a decade. The novel opens with soon-to-be-married Seth and his Groom Posse boarding a flight for Miami. The action starts almost immediately as Seth loses his groomsmen and luggage at a bar. The scantily clad Cyndi and her friend Duane, the owner of an albino python, offer to help retrieve it. That’s where things get complicated.

Seth's luggage finds its way to Trevor, an aggressive orangutan looking for love. His groomsmen loose their clothes while Seth rescues a family of Haitian immigrants and hides them in his hotel room with the stripper he told his friends not to get him. Tina, the blushing bridezilla-to-be must have her way in all things at all costs, which is easy because her dad is one of the richest people on the planet. Most of the wedding party eat pot brownies, smuggled into Miami by Seth's clueless parents. And that’s when things get even more complicated. Half of the characters try to do what’s right while the other half try to get what they want.


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