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Will "The Lost Symbol" juggernaut revive the Freemasons?

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One thing for sure: There is nothing subtle about the launch of a book by Dan Brown. Today, six years after "The Da Vinci Code" sold 80 million copies in 44 languages, Brown's latest, "The Lost Symbol" goes on sale.

The question is not: Will this book sell? Expectations are far larger than that. This time around what everyone's wondering is: Will Dan Brown save book publishing? (In other words, will Brown readers, after rushing to their local bookstores to snap up "The Lost Symbol," simultaneously pick up enough other books to make this a positive selling season?)

But there's another question floating around the blogosphere today as well and that is: Will Dan Brown revive the Freemasons?

In "The Lost Symbol," Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (star of "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" as well) is recruited to find a legendary Masonic treasure.

The international, fraternal organization of the Freemasons – who have been around since the 1600s and once boasted celebrity members like George Washington and Mozart – have seen their numbers decline since the 1960s.  Today there are estimated to be about 3 million Freemasons worldwide.


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