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Nigel Slater: the best Brit you’ve never heard of

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I want Nigel Slater to be knighted. He is hands down the best thing to come out of Britain since the Beatles. (Actually, Nigel Slater is about a million times better than the Beatles but you people seem inordinately fond of those boys from­ Liverpool – and they were knighted, or at least one of them was.)

Anyway, cue the uncomprehending stares because, at least if you’re American, you probably have no idea who I’m talking about. Heathens, all of you!

Nigel Slater is who you’d get if you combined Alice Waters with Mark Bittman: a garden-to-table advocate whose goal in life is to make people love fresh produce and cooking because they are – gasp – fabulous and fun and do not have to be fussy in the slightest. Slater lauds fresh ingredients as the foundation for simple food without being Slow-Food militant.


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