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Andrew Madoff: Can he rehabilitate his image?

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(Read caption) Andrew Madoff denied any knowledge of his father's Ponzi scheme, saying his father would tell him and his brother, "You guys have your business to worry about and let me worry about my business."

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Both Andrew Madoff, son of Bernie Madoff, and Andrew’s mother Ruth recently appeared on “The Today Show” and “60 Minutes” to promote a new book titled “Truth and Consequences” by Laurie Sandell, which centers on the effect father Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme had on the family.

Andrew Madoff, who turned his father into the authorities with his brother Mark, has seemed to want to clear his name as the fallout of the financial scandal has continued. The question is whether he can fully rehabilitate his image after his family’s scandal.

Madoff said during his “60 Minutes” appearance that “from the very beginning of this whole episode, I've had absolutely nothing to hide. And I've been eager, I would say almost desperate to speak out publicly and tell people that I'm absolutely not involved.”


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