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Children's book promoting veganism gets mixed reception from experts

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(Read caption) 'Vegan Is Love' is the second title from author Ruby Roth, who released 'That's Why We Don't Eat Animals' in 2009.

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A children’s book that has yet to be released has already become controversial for its pro-veganism message.

“Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action” written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, discusses testing on animals, farming practices and other issues. The book, which is the second for Roth after her first title “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals,” will be released April 24.

Dietician Nicole German wrote online that she thinks the book’s tactics would simply frighten a child into changing their dietary habits.

“The main problem I have with this book is that children are impressionable, and this is too sensitive of a topic to have a child read this book,” German wrote. “It could easily scare a young child into eating vegan, and, without proper guidance, that child could become malnourished.”

Keith Ayoob, associate professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, told ABC News that he believes children should have as many options for animal and plant food as possible when they're young so they can make their own dietary choices.


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