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'Unintended Consequences' by Edward Conrad: already 'the most hated book of the year'?

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(Read caption) Both left-leaning and pro-market economists have had some qualms about author Edward Conard's forthcoming book 'Unintended Consequences.'

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It’s not due to hit bookstores for another month, but “Unintended Consequences” is already being called “the most hated book of the year,” “a balm for the 1 percent,” and “defense of the rich” 2.0.

Perhaps that’s because in “Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About the Economy is Wrong,” former Bain Capital managing director (and former colleague of and major donor to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign) Edward Conard argues that economic inequality isn’t a problem – and in fact, the US could use more of it to spur risk-taking, innovation, and growth.

“Unintended Consequences” “aggressively argues that the enormous and growing income inequality in the United States is not a sign that the system is rigged,” writes Adam Davidson, founder of NPR’s Planet Money podcast, in a New York Times Magazine column that’s been raising a firestorm. “On the contrary, Conard writes, it is a sign that our economy is working. And if we had a little more of it, then everyone, particularly the 99 percent, would be better off.”


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