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John Edwards' mistress discusses their relationship in forthcoming book

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(Read caption) Rielle Hunter's book "What Really Happened" offers her version of her affair with John Edwards, as well as its aftermath.

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Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ mistress, discusses their relationship and its aftermath in her forthcoming book “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.”

Hunter, who says she began a relationship with the married politician in 2006, says Edwards was “temporarily insane” when he denied paternity of her daughter, Quinn.

“Think about it,” Hunter writes. “Sane healthy people do not deny their children, especially on national TV, simply because they are afraid of their abusive spouse's reaction. Only a mentally off person would do that.”

Hunter also calls Edwards’ wife Elizabeth a “witch on wheels,” saying that she was “bonkers because she had been in denial” about his affairs and that at one point, she “physically attack[ed] [Edwards] during all the screaming.”

Hunter discusses a conversation she had with Edwards that occurred before the politician’s indictment in which she asked him where he would be going if he was sent to jail.

“’What kind of jail would it be? One of those country clubs?’” she says she asked him.

“He said, ‘Yeah,’” Hunter wrote.


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