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'The Hobbit': How to throw your very own Shire-style party

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• Mushrooms – Hobbits love mushrooms (especially Frodo, who stole them from Farmer Maggot when he was a young hobbit). Have them sautéed as a side, fry them, or stick them in a stew. Herb-roasted or mashed potatoes are a good side as well.

• Fresh breads and cheeses – This is a must.

• Eggs – All ways. As Tolkien says, hard-boiled in salad, scrambled for dinner, and poached in the morning. And don’t forget the bacon.

• Pickles, as requested by Gandalf in "The Hobbit." (Note: Tolkien originally had Gandalf request tomatoes, but decided that made no sense.)

• Scones, biscuits, toast, and blackberry jam

• Fruit tarts and pies – Think blueberry, blackberry, and apple.

• All kinds of cakes – You can’t go wrong choosing a cake. But, you definitely do not want to leave out seed cakes. Bilbo loves his seed cakes.

Lembas bread! – Okay, so it’s not a hobbit dish, but Bilbo finds the elves beautiful and intriguing. No party celebrating Bilbo Baggins should be without lembas bread. For an added authentic touch, wrap your lembas bread in large banana leaves with twine.

Drinks! – Lots of drinks! This is especially important. Hobbits also enjoy coffee and tea. I would recommend a British Earl Grey.

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