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'Lean In' boasts strong sales, largely positive reviews

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“Sandberg ... has written a brave book that is unabashedly personal and political,” Monitor reviewer Anna Clark wrote. “’Lean In’ serves as a kind of philosophical and practical toolkit for women with ambitions of all kinds, and an education and inspiration for men who are aware that their workplaces and home lives are diminished when women are only a fraction of who they can be.” 

New York Times reviewer Anne-Marie Slaughter spoke positively of Sandberg’s voice in the book in her review.

“Sandberg is not just tough, however,” she wrote. “She also comes across as compassionate, funny, honest and likable…. Most important, Sandberg is willing to draw the curtain aside on her own insecurities.”

Talk-show titan Oprah Winfrey also gave big a thumb-up to Sandberg’s work. “[It’s] the new manifesto for women in the workplace,” she said.

NPR reviewer Maureen Corrigan was less enthusiastic about Sandberg's execution but overall did applaud her effort. Corrigan said she found parts of the book dull but that she’d still “slide ‘Lean In’ into my teenage daughter’s bookshelf.”

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